4.15. dnssec-revoke --- DNSKEY revoker

4.15.1. Synopsis

dnssec-revoke [-h] [-v level] [-V] [-r] [-K directory] [-E <engine-name>] [-f] [-R] <keyfile>

4.15.2. Description

dnssec-revoke reads a DNSSEC key file, sets the REVOKED bit on the key as defined in RFC 5011, and creates a new pair of key files containing the now-revoked key.

4.15.3. Options

-K <directory>

Sets the directory in which the key files are to reside.


After writing the new keyset files remove the original keyset files.

-E <engine-name>

Specifies the OpenSSL engine to use for cryptographic operations, such as a secure key store used for signing.


Force overwrite. Causes dnssec-revoke to write the new key pair even if a file already exists matching the algorithm and key ID of the revoked key.


Print the key tag of the key with the REVOKE bit set but do not revoke the key.


Print program usage information and exit.

-v <level>

Set the verbosity level.


Print the program's version and exit.

4.15.4. See also