5.3. loop-license.conf - Loop license information

5.3.1. Description

The loop-license.conf file provides license information about your Loop subscription to various programs in the Loop distribution. It is a cryptographically signed file and its detached signature is present in the loop-license.conf.sig file. Both these files are provided by Akira as part of your Loop subscription. If you have a current Loop subscription, you should be able to download these files from your account.

Both loop-license.conf and loop-license.conf.sig should be installed together in the same directory, usually in the configuration directory of Loop that also contains named.conf.

Programs such as named(8) attempt to read this file during startup and validate the signature on this file. If the signature validates and the license is currently active, some subscriber-only features are then enabled for use in the product.

Programs that read the loop-license.conf file usually provide a way to modify the path to the license file. For example, see the license-file clause in named.conf(5).

5.3.2. See also