4.2. named-journalprint --- Zone journal file printer

4.2.1. Synopsis

named-journalprint <journal-file>

4.2.2. Description

named-journalprint prints the contents of a zone journal file in a human-readable form.

Journal files are automatically created by named(8) when changes are made to dynamic zones (e.g., by DNS UPDATE or IXFR zone transfers). They record each addition or deletion of a resource record, in binary format, allowing the changes to be re-applied to the zone when the server is restarted after a shutdown or crash. By default, the name of the journal file is formed by appending the extension .jnl to the name of the corresponding zone file.

named-journalprint converts the contents of a given journal file into a human-readable text format. Each line begins with "add" or "del", to indicate whether the record was added or deleted, and continues with the resource record in master-file format.

4.2.3. See also

named(8), nsupdate(1)