4.10. named-rrchecker --- Resource records syntax checker

4.10.1. Synopsis

named-rrchecker [-h] [-o <origin>] [-p] [-u] [-C] [-T] [-P]

4.10.2. Description

named-rrchecker reads an individual DNS resource record from standard input (stdin) and checks if it is syntactically correct.

4.10.3. Options


Print usage information and exit.

-o <origin>

Specifies the <origin> to be used when interpreting the record.


Prints out the resulting record in canonical form. If there is no canonical form defined then the record will be printed in unknown record format.


Prints out the resulting record in unknown record format (RFC 3597).


Print the class mnemonic.


Print the (standard) type mnemonic.


Print the private type mnemonic.

4.10.4. See also